I'm single guy living in Texas and working as a certified cake decorator. I am a true geek, artist, science nerd, life long Whovian, part-time gamer, sensitive person, introvert, tech junkie, and let's be honest, a pretty sort of marvelous guy! This is for things that interest me on one or more of those things. :)







I used this image because I’ve seen it posted without a source SO many times.  (I’m looking at you Disney fandom)

Artwork - [x]

I’m gonna go ahead and signal boost the living fuck out of this.


ALSO, Chrome has this feature you can add as an extension. It lets you right click on an image and find the source without having to drag the picture on the desk top or without having to copy and paste the link- it just saves time. There is also SauceNao, which I believe is solely for Pixiv sources?

also, to differentiate between the original and a repost: 1.) not always failsafe, but look at the notes (especially if it’s a popular piece, those usually have notes in the thousands) 2.) go to the source tumblr to see if they have more art of the same style, or if they have more reposts of art by different artists 

me: i am unhappy

other people: there are people worse off than you

me: that's not how that works


Best scene.

And that’s the moment Sherlock realized how much he underestimated Molly Hooper.

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Wish I had at least one person in my life that cares enough to get me an awesome card like this. :(

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The solar system to scale; including Sol, corona, all 8 planets, and 5 dwarf planets.http://space-pics.tumblr.com/


The solar system to scale; including Sol, corona, all 8 planets, and 5 dwarf planets.


"There are three things you must ask yourself before you say anything…"

So this is basically my thought process all the time and it’s probably why I don’t talk very much.  Because I don’t think that a certain thing NEEDS to be said, and especially not by me.

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Fangirl Quest 2013 | Photo in photo

I wanted to do this with screenshots printed on paper, but everything just went kind of wrong and I ended up travelling without the prints. So I decided to give it a go with Satu’s iPad. 

Reflections on the iPad’s screen were the biggest problem in daylight, but after some photoshopping I think they turned out ok. What a fun project. Definitely doing this again!

Title : filming locations:

  1. Third Star : Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire, UK
  2. Third Star : Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire, UK
  3. Doctor Who : Eddie’s Diner, Cardiff, UK
  4. Doctor Who : Eddie’s Diner, Cardiff, UK
  5. Merlin : Puzzlewood, Forest of Dean, UK
  6. Sherlock : Three Bears Cave, Fforest Fawr, UK
  7. Sherlock : The Bush Inn, St. Hilary, UK
  8. Merlin : Puzzlewood, Forest of Dean, UK
  9. Sherlock : St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, UK
  10. Sherlock : St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, UK

This is awesome!



A Study in Watercolor - complete set

Thank you guys so much for your support! If it wasn’t for you I would never have finished this.

Coming up - Watercolors are cool! Doctor Who watercolor study

If you have any suggestions about what colors I should use to paint the characters from DW, send me a message!

[John] [Sherlock] [Lestrade] [Molly] [Jim] [Mycroft] [Irene] [Mrs Hudson]

oh god i love these

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